TEFNUT Grand Dame

One-off piece, casing in 750/000 rose gold.

The silver-coloured dial with relief engraving on the TEFNUT Grand Dame was specially handcrafted according to the design of an original ladies’ pocket watch by Moritz Grossmann from the 19th century. This exceptionally beautiful pocket watch was given by the old master and watch pioneer to his second wife during his lifetime. The outer dial is adorned with a handmade shimmering golden ring in a floral pattern.

The inner ring around the diamond shimmering hand sockets is surrounded by fine gold-plated flowers. The wide nickel silver hour ring is adorned with elegant stained Roman numerals in black, and the spaces between them decorated with a hand-engraved pattern. The fine blue lily-shaped hands are hand-cut, polished and tempered. The work is presented with a High Artistic Finish.

The TEFNUT Grand Dame is offered with the calibre 102.1 in the high artistic hand finish as a single edition 1 of 1.


  • TEFNUT Grand Dame

    Case: 750/000 rose gold
    Dial: hand engraving with Roman numerals
    Hands: Manually crafted, lily shap


  • ムーブメント 自社製キャリバー102.1、手巻き、5姿勢調整
  • 部品数 188
  • 石数 22石(うち3石はネジ留め式ゴールドシャトンに使用)
  • 脱進機 アンクル脱進機
  • 調速機 質量ネジ4本および調節ネジ2本を装着した耐震軸受式グロスマン製テンプ、ニヴァロックス1ヒゲゼンマイ
  • テンプ 直径: 10.0 mm テンプ振動数: 21,600振動/時
  • パワーリザーブ 完全巻き上げ状態から約48時間
  • 機能 時、分
  • 操作 Crown in 750/000 gold, with gemstone, for winding the watch and setting the time
  • ケースサイズ Diameter: 36.0 mm, height: 8.62 mm
  • ムーブメントサイズ Diameter: 26.0 mm, height: 3.5 mm
  • ケース Three-part, in 750/000 rose gold
  • ダイヤル hand engraving with Roman numerals
  • Manually crafted, lily shap
  • 風防 片面反射防止加工をしたサファイアクリスタル
  • ストラップ Satin strap with prong buckle in 750/000 rose gold