Moritz Grossmann congratulates the New England Patriots with the Super Bowl-Watch

Loved by some, feared by others. There is no club where hearts and minds are as divided as they are when it comes to the footballers of the New England Patriots. The team continues its era of victories with a sixth Super Bowl. Since 2001, superstar Tom Brady, now 41, has directed the New England Patriots together with Patriots coach Bill Belichick. The dominance of the Brady era is unparalleled in football history. At the Super Bowl, that celebration of superlatives and the biggest sports event in America, the “Pats” prevailed against the Los Angeles Rams, who have of course won the Super Bowl once before and are considered young, aggressive and dangerous.

Moritz Grossmann dedicates the unique Super Bowl-Watch to watch connoisseurs and fans of the New England Patriots. It is a variation on the ATUM Pure X model line presented in a sporty steel casing. The specially manufactured Super Bowl dial has an elaborate insert in the shape of a football that allows a view of the 201.1 calibre in places. The match result “13:3” together with the year 2019 are evidence of the triumph of this team’s unique performance. The hands bear the team colours of the Pats: nautical blue and red.

Moritz Grossmann congratulates the New England Patriots on their incredible success. 13:3! This is already the sixth Super Bowl title for the Pats.

The Moritz Grossmann Super Bowl-Watch is a unique piece with an RRP of 13,400 €uros excl. VAT in the USA.
The watch is available exclusively from the Grossmann Uhren retailer CELLINI JEWELLERS in New York, 430 Park Avenue at 56th Street
New York NY 10022, Tel.: 800-CELLINI (800-235-5464),



Discover everything about the heart of the Super Bowl-Watch



    Case: stainless steel, black
    Hands: Manually crafted, hour and minute hands with HyCeram filling


  • 机芯 201.1型自制机芯,手动上链,五方位调校
  • 零件 187个
  • 宝石 20颗宝石
  • 擒纵系统 锚式擒纵
  • 摆动系统 防震式轴承固定格罗斯曼摆陀,带有四个平头螺丝与两个微调螺丝,Nivarox 1游丝
  • 摆轮 直径:14.2毫米,振频:18,000次/小时
  • 动力储存 上满链42小时
  • 功能 小时与分钟显示,小秒针附停秒装置,格罗斯曼按钮式手动上链装置
  • 特性 格罗斯曼摆轮;通过侧方按钮解锁指针设定并启动机芯;节省空间、经过改良的格拉苏蒂棘轮,具有回转功能;通过位于阶梯式摆轮凸轮上的格罗斯曼微调计螺丝进行调校;导柱机芯带有未经处理的德国银材质的2/3夹板与支柱;可单独拆卸的离合上链装置;停秒功能,用于指针设定
  • 操控零件 表冠,用于腕表上链与时间设定,机芯启动按钮
  • 表壳尺寸 直径:41.0 毫米,厚度:11.35 毫米
  • 机芯尺寸 直径:36.4 毫米,厚度:5.0 毫米
  • 表壳 三件式,精钢或黑色精钢材质
  • 表盘 六件式,精钢,精钢嵌片
  • 指针 手工制作,精钢材质,以HyCeram填充物抛光
  • 表镜与透明表底 单面防反光蓝宝石水晶
  • 表带 手工缝制鳄鱼皮表带,精钢针式表扣