ATUM Date All Blue

The unique ATUM will brighten up your Monday

As with all Moritz Grossmann watches, the ATUM Date All Blue combines clear design with first-rate technology. Issued as a one-off as a variant on the ATUM Date, the watch is a fine example of integrated date setting technology alongside beautiful craftsmanship. In addition to the accurate jumping date display, the date can be corrected forwards and backwards at any time, up to less than one second before and after midnight. A separate locking crown at “10 o’clock” allows the date to be set by turning in both directions, forwards and backwards, without having to stop the movement.

With the ATUM Date All Blue, the silver dial harmonises with the blue hands and a blue date window. Continuing the theme, the watch uses blued steel screws, a rare variation on the otherwise predominantly brown-violet annealed screws at Grossmann.

The visionary and inventor Moritz Grossmann loved to study how watchmaking varied from area to area, exploring Hamburg, Munich, La Chaux-de-Fonds, England, France, Denmark, and Sweden to acquire the world’s horological know-how. His determination to broaden his knowledge was particularly unusual for his time, as it was very difficult to journey across the continent, with walking or travelling on horseback being the only options.

Under the tagline “Schönstes deutsches Handwerk”, the Moritz Grossmann brand manufactures timepieces to the highest standard of craftsmanship. The ATUM Date all Blue is offered with the calibre 100.3 in the high-artistic finish as a blue single edition 1 of 1.





  • ATUM Date All Blue

    Case: White gold
    Dial: argenté
    Hands: manually crafted, polished steel annealed to a blue hue


  • 机芯 100.3型自制机芯,手动上链,五方位调校
  • 零件 259个
  • 宝石 26颗宝石,其中3颗安装在以螺丝固定的黄金套筒中
  • 擒纵系统 锚式擒纵
  • 摆动系统 防震式轴承固定格罗斯曼摆陀,带有4个平头螺丝与2个微调螺丝,Nivarox 1游丝带有80号宝玑末端曲线,形状源于古斯塔夫·戈斯腾博格(Gustav Gerstenberger)
  • 摆轮 直径:14.2毫米,振频:18,000次/小时
  • 动力储存 上满链42小时
  • 功能 小时与分钟显示,小秒针附停秒装置,格罗斯曼按钮式手动上链装置,动力储存显示
  • 特性 格罗斯曼摆轮 / 通过侧方按钮解锁指针设定并启动机芯 / 双色条状动力储存显示区域,由差动轮系驱动 / 节省空间、经过改良的格拉苏蒂棘轮,具有回转功能 / 通过位于阶梯式摆轮凸轮上的格罗斯曼微调计螺丝进行调校 / 导柱机芯带有未经处理的德国银材质的2/3夹板与支柱 / 2/3夹板、摆轮与擒纵轮板带有手工镌刻 / 宽形横向格拉苏蒂菱纹 / 棘轮带有三重阶梯式太阳纹饰 / 以螺丝固定的凸出黄金套筒 / 可单独拆卸的离合上链装置 / 停秒功能,用于指针设定
  • 表壳尺寸 直径:41.0毫米,厚度:11.85毫米
  • 机芯尺寸 直径:36.4毫米,厚度:7.56毫米
  • 表壳 三件式,贵金属材质
  • 表盘 实心银,刻度为实心金
  • 指针 手工制作,钢或精钢材质
  • 表镜与透明表底 单面防反光蓝宝石水晶
  • 表带 手工缝制鳄鱼皮革